Apr 11, 2015

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Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy for a Sweeter Union

Sometime in April of 2014 in, a 72-year old man passed away while in his daughter’s arms. The daughter said that her father died of a broken heart. He couldn’t live alone; not without his wife who had died the day before. The couple’s two children said that their parents had a great love for one another; yes, there were times when they argued, but their love was just much greater.

Many couples find the secret in loving each other or staying in love with each other until the end; sadly, this is not the case with many others who fail even in communicating well with their spouse, when they know too well that open communication is essential in any marriage.

Many books and, especially, films have provided a glimpse of marriage as a never ending source of romance, happiness and contentment. In reality, however, many, who enter into it, discover later on that, well, it may really be a bed of roses, but one that is not without sharp, prickly and annoying thorns.

Marriage basically results to what couples make out of it. If couples allow their honeymoon stage to be followed almost immediately by conflicts and be stubborn enough to hold on to the pride that will keep them from reconciling with each other, then one may just be led to suppose that entering into marriage with the person they have chosen to marry wasn’t just a good idea after all.

While marriage is a very important decision to make, more so is choosing the person whom one will marry. Austin marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder explains On her website that “relationship struggles and couples counseling can be difficult things for some couples to deal with” and, unless couples recognize that there is a problem in their marriage and have the desire and the willingness to do something about it, then this problem may just fuel the possibility of the marriage falling apart.

But for couples who want to save their marriage, there is a way and love, the second time around, can really be much sweeter and more fulfilling for both spouses. Marriage counseling and couples therapy can help couples find the way to end conflicts, and understand their spouse and situation more, for a marital life made better by knowledge and experience.

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