Oct 22, 2016

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All You Need To Know About Tire Failure In Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are not mainly due to driver error or company negligence but also due to mechanical failure. One of the major causes of truck accidents is defective tire. A study conducted by the Department of Transportation revealed that 29.4% of all truck accidents are due to brake failure, maladjusted brakes, and other brake-related issues. When a tire lows out, it could cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle.

A Tennessee trucking accident attorney will tell you that a truck accident caused by a tire problem can have devastating effects resulting to injuries. Tire failure may be attributed to the following reasons:

Defective Tires. This may be due to the tire manufacturer selling a defective tire. The usual thing to do is for the manufacturer to recall the tires. You can check the status of the tire with the website of the Department of Transportation.

Improper Maintenance. Another reason for tire blowout is failure to maintain by the trucking company. Air brakes which are commonly used for large trucks can only take so much heat. The limit for safe operation is 60 mph which can raise the temperature of the drum to 600 degrees. When the tire is not set at this limit, it is likely to malfunction

Drivers should make sure that the tires they are using are inspected prior to a trip. Improper tire pressure can cause deterioration and eventually tire failure. So make sure to check if the tires are in good condition before heading off to your destination to prevent any accidents. Check for any tread wear, tread and sidewall damage, and air leakage.

Trucking companies are legally responsible for the proper maintenance of the tires on their trucks. Failure by the company to do so puts the truck at a higher risk of traveling on defective tires. When the tire fails, this could result to crash on the part of the truck.

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