Jul 13, 2016

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Amusement Park Accident

Everyone will agree that amusement and theme parks are great destinations, especially for those seeking for fun and thrilling adventure, as well for those looking for a great way to bond with their family and friends. Parks offer great attractions and never ending surprises, giving all visitors an experience always worth reminiscing.

Amusement and theme parks, however, have been causes not only of fun and excitement; these have also been places where accidents have happened, injuries have been sustained, and where a few deaths have occurred. Every year, of the more than 300 million guests who visit theme and amusement parks, about 7,000 get injured and require medical treatment for the injuries they have sustained; deaths, on the other hand, number to 4 or 5, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The leading causes of injuries and deaths in amusement and theme parks are trip-and-fall accidents, slip-and-fall, poorly designed rides, ride malfunction or mechanical failure, operator negligence, improper behavior by park guests, and failure of guest to observe safety instructions.

It appears that as technology progress, many amusement and theme park rides become more dangerous, increasing possibilities of injury and death. Because of the much higher risks, amusement park owners are also charged with greater responsibility of making sure that all park visitors are safe, that the park itself presents no danger to anyone, and that all the rides adhere to legally approved design and subjected to regular inspection.

Over the years, many premises liability lawsuits have been filed by those who got injured in parks; the same lawsuit has also been filed by families of victims who have died. Named defendants in lawsuits include the park’s employees, the park owner, or the manufacturer or designer of the specific ride that got involved in the accident. Though the results of the accidents are permanent, pursuing a legal action against the liable party may enable the victim to claim compensation, bring the liable party to justice, as well as help make sure that the same accident will never happen again.  Amusement park accident lawyers from the Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, law firm advises people who have been injured in an amusement park accident to find out and know about their legal rights and options to help with their case.

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